Recent Research on Ladakh 7

confproc06 Thierry Dodin and Heinz Räther (eds.). 1997. Recent Research on Ladakh 7. Proceedings of the 7th Colloquium of the International Association for Ladakh Studies, Bonn/St.Augustin, 12-15 June 1995. Ulmer Kulturantropologische Schriften Band 9. Ulm: Universität Ulm. ISBN 3 930983 06 0. 496 pp.


  • Ravina Aggarwal: “Haunted Histories: Experimental Ethnography and Feminist Fiction in the Marketplace of Leh”
  • Martijn van Beek: “The Importance of Being Tribal. Or: the Impossibility of Being Ladakhis”
  • Martijn van Beek & Kristoffer Brix Bertelsen: “No Present without Past: the 1989 Agitation in Ladakh”
  • Kristoffer Brix Bertelsen: “Early Modern Buddhism in Ladakh: on the Construction of Buddhist Ladakhi Identity and its Consequences”
  • John Bray: “Ladakhi and Bhutanese Enclaves in Tibet”
  • Jürgen Clemens: “Resource Management in Astor (Gilgit Wazarat) since the Partition of Kashmir. Natural Setting, Utilization Rights and Modern Impacts on Alpine Pastures and Forests”
  • Andreas Dittmann: “Ethnic Groups and Bazaar Economy in Baltistan”
  • Pascale Dollfus: “La ville de Leh au XIXème siècle: une oasis au carrefour de l’Inde, du Tibet et de l’Asie centrale”
  • Nicky Grist: “Kinship Groups and History in Suru – Ladakh”
  • Kim Gutschow: “A Study of ‘Wind Disorder’ or Madness in Zangskar, India”
  • Reinhard Herdick: “The Old Village Centre of Lamayuru in West Ladakh: an analysis of spatial ordering of architectural and socio-cultural structures”
  • Michael Khoo: “Preliminary Remarks Concerning Solar Observation, Solar Calendars, and Festivals in Ladakh and the Western Himalaya”
  • P.J. Marczell: “William Moorcroft’s Pioneering Memorandum to the Secretary of the Asiatic Society of Bengal on the Letters, Writing, Language and Culture of Tibet and its Vicinity”
  • Gudrun Meier: “The Moravian Church’s Educational Work in Lahul, Kinnaur and Ladakh 1856-1994”
  • Martin Mills: “The Religion of Locality: Local Area Gods and the Characterisation of Tibetan Buddhism”
  • P. Namgyal: “Ladakh: a Micro-Minority Community”
  • Isabelle Riaboff: “Les lha, une catégorie Zanskari à géométrie variable. Ou, que sont les dieux devenus?”
  • Janet Rizvi: “Leh to Yarkand: travelling the trans-Karakorum trade route”
  • Ursula Sagaster: “Women in a Changing Society: Baltistan 1992”
  • Tsering Samphel: “Zorawar Singh, Tshultim Nyima and the End of the Ladakhi Monarchy”
  • Peter Schwieger: “Power and Territory in the Kingdom of Ladakh”
  • Nawang Tsering Shakspo: “The Role of Incarnate Lamas in Buddhist Tradition: a Brief Survey of Bakula Rinpoche’s Previous Incarnations
  • Abdul Ghani Sheikh: “Ladakh’s Relations with Central Asia”
  • Smriti Srinivas: “Witch Possession in Nubra Valley: the analysis of a case”
  • Tashi Stobdan: “Reflections on the Religious, Political and Economic aspects of Stok ‘Jagir’”
  • Sonam Wangyal: “Political Evolution in Post-Independence Ladakh”