IALS Workshops

In Ladakh…
We are encouraging IALS members, especially non-Ladakhi members visiting Ladakh, to contact Konchok Paldan or Sonam Wangchok and organise small informal events to share research findings, methodologies and approaches. The emphasis of these workshops is not only to present the results of research, but also illustrate how one finds those results. Inexperienced researchers and those who are new to working in Ladakh may find these sessions particularly beneficial.

The IALS also organise workshops on “Research in Ladakh – Sharing Experiences and Research Methodologies” in collaboration with colleges and other institutions.

The Himalayan Cultural Heritage Foundation (HCHF) welcomes IALS members if they wish to organise small informal talks, presentation and events related to Ladakh and the Himalayas. Facilities include PowerPoint/digital projector, space for about 40-50 people with attached traditional cafe. The audience will be mostly tourists and Ladakhi students. The HCHF doesn’t charge for facilities like PowerPoint/digital projector, lecture hall and electricity consumption etc. For further details, or if any IALS members wish to give a presentation, please email office.hchf@gmail.com with as much notice as possible.


Lonpo House, Leh. Picture credit: Sonam Wangchok

Outside of Ladakh…
The IALS is also keen to explore the possibility of organising workshops or mini-conferences outside of Ladakh, whether in South Asia or further afield in Europe for example. Promoting the gathering of our international membership and Ladakhi/South Asian members studying abroad, these interim workshops would stand alongside our larger biennial conferences. With more flexibility to focus on particular subjects or themes at smaller gatherings it is hoped that these meetings would contrast well against our broader multi disciplinary conferences and foster discussion and collaboration between those with more specific interests. Additionally, meetings may also act as platforms for formulating papers for publication, and for considering panel themes for the biennial conferences. Please contact us with proposals.