Citizens of non-South Asian countries

IMPORTANT NOTE: Rates have been updated accordingly to the decisions made at the General Meeting 2019. This means new rates and the option to purchase a 6/10 year membership for a 10% discount!

Subscriptions (dated from the last biennial conference)

Citizens of non-South Asian countries:


Euro(€) 40.00 (Two Years) / 216 (Six Years) / 360 (Ten Years)

UKP(£) 35.00 (Two Years) / 189 (Six Years) / 315 (Ten Years)

USD($) 45.00 (Two Years) / 243 (Six Years) / 405 (Ten Years)


Euro(€) 20.00 (Two Years) / 108 (Six Years) / 180 (Ten Years)

UKP(£) 17.50 (Two Years) / 94.50 (Six Years) / 157.50 (Ten Years)

USD($) 22.50 (Two Years) / 121.50 (Six Years) / 202.50 (Ten Years)

Please submit your details and payment online. Click here to proceed.

If you are unable to submit your payment online please contact the Treasurer and Membership Secretary ( for further details.

Citizens of non-South Asian countries may also complete Form A (Word or PDF) and hand in person together with your payment to a member of the IALS Executive Committee at the biennial IALS Conference or any interim IALS workshop.