Recent Research on Ladakh 2009

confproc11 Monisha Ahmed & John Bray (eds.). Recent Research on Ladakh 2009. Kargil & Leh: International Association of Ladakh Studies. 183 pp.
A selection of papers from the 12th IALS colloquium held in Kargil. For purchase details:


  • Asfyandyar Khan: “The Origin of the Kesar Epic”
  • Erberto Lo Bue: “A 16th Century School of Ladakhi Painting”
  • Sheikh Mohammad Jawad Zubdavi: “History of Balti Settlements in the Indus Valley around Leh”
  • Jigar Mohammed: “The Mughals’ Relations with Ladakh during the 16th and 17thCenturies”
  • Abdul Ghani Sheikh: “Kargil from the Perspective of Historical Travellers and Government Officials”
  • John Bray: “Transport Begar on the Road from Ladakh to Kashmir in the 19th and 20th Centuries”
  • Poul Pedersen & Neil Howard: “Prince Peter’s Journey from Manali to Ladakh, 5th June–22nd August 1938”
  • Sundar Paul & Tashi Ldawa Tshangspa: “The Restoration of the Palace in Leh”
  • Bettina Zeisler: “Language Change and the Fossilisation of the Old Tibetan b- Prefix in Ladakhi and Balti”
  • Nawang Tsering Shakspo: “A Note on Yige, the Balti/Ladakhi Script”
  • Ghulam Hassan Hasni: “Common Proverbs in Baltistan and Ladakh”
  • Syed Bahadur Ali Salik: “Balti Folksongs Referring to Ladakh”
  • Nasir Hussain Munshi: “A Lost Legacy: Forms of Dance and Music in Baltistan”
  • Gulzar Hussain Munshi: “My Horses are My Pride”
  • Radhika Gupta: “Asad Ashura: an Indigenous Cultural Tradition”
  • Mona Bhan: “Military Masculinities”
  • Monisha Ahmed: “Why are the Rupshupa Leaving Changthang?”
  • Tashi Morup: “The Changthang: Eco-tourism is Not the Answer”
  • Richard V. Lee: “Hazards of Modernity in the Hanle Region”
  • Blaise Humbert-Droz: “Threats to Ladakh’s Biodiversity: Priorities for Action”