Recent Research on Ladakh 2007

confproc09 John Bray & Nawang Tsering Shakspo (eds.). 2007. Recent Research on Ladakh 2007. Leh: Jammu & Kashmir Academy of Art, Culture and Languages/International Association for Ladakh Studies, 2007. 274 pp. map, illus.
This book presents a selection of 34 papers on the history, art, language, culture and natural environment of Ladakh. Between them, they provide a succinct overview of many of the key themes of contemporary research on Ladakh. The majority of the papers were first presented at the 11th IALS colloquium which took place in Leh and Choglamsar from 21-25 July 2003, and was co-hosted by the Jammu & Kashmir Academy of Art, Culture and Languages. The papers are arranged in eight sections: History; History of Art and Architecture; Local Cultures and Tradition; Medicine and Health; Political and Social Change; Challenges of Development; and An Ethic for the Future? Each of these sections is presented with an editorial introduction summarising the main themes. To purchase a hardcopy:


Kushok Bakula Rinpoche—Inaugural Speech


  • Abdul Ghani Sheikh: “Ladakh and its neighbours. Past and present”
  • Tashi Stobdan: “Once Ladakh was a lake”
  • Bettina Zeisler: “On the position of Ladakhi and Balti in the Tibetan language family”
  • Jigar Mohammed—Mughal sources on medieval Ladakh, Baltistan and Western Tibet”
  • Poul Pedersen & Martijn van Beek: “Prince Peter’s film from Ladakh 1938”

History of Art and Architecture

  • Tashi Ldawa Tshangpa: “a short note on some petroglyphs of the Nubra valley”
  • Christian Luczanits: “Alchi Sumtseg reconsidered”
  • Wolfgang Heusgen: “Alchi Sumtseg—an endangered jewel?”
  • John Harrison: “The conservation of Kanji Tsuglakhang”
  • Erberto lo Bue: “Traditional Buddhist art in 20th century Ladakh”

Local Cultures and Tradition

  • Nawang Tsering Shakspo: “Historical perspectives of Saboo”
  • Raja Iftikhar Hussain Ali Khan: “The impact of Balti culture on Jammu & Kashmir and beyond”
  • Sonam Phuntsog: “The culture of the Dards”
  • Skarma Junglay: “Fokar in the kingdom of Purig”

Medicine and Health

  • Padma Gurmet: “the Amchi system of medicine. The art and science of a healthy way of life”
  • Alessandro Boesi: “the classification of medicinal plants in Tibetan medicine”
  • S.T. Phuntsog: “Dharmic physiology”
  • Jamila Bano: “high altitude sickness in Ladakh”

Political and Social Change

  • Sat Paul Sahni: “Ladakh travels far and fast”
  • Abdul Ghani Sheikh: “Transformation of Kuksho village”
  • Pushp Saraf: “Buddhist political activism after 1988”
  • Gerhard Emmer: “The condition of the argons of Leh”
  • Mohammed Raza Abbasi: “Pakistani shelling of Kargil in 1997 and 1999. An eyewitness account”
  • Gitanjali Chaturvedi: “Trifurcation—a secular agenda?”

Challenges of Development

  • Corinne Wacker: “Can irrigation systems disclose the history of the villages of Ladakh? The example of Tagmachig”
  • Sunandan Tiwari & Radhika Gupta: “Changing currents: irrigation practices of Leh town”
  • Ritesh Arya: “Groundwater exploration and its exploitation in Ladakh. Implications for sustainable development”
  • Kaneez Fatima: “Education in the Drass valley”
  • Mohammed Saleem Mir: “The apricot wealth of Ladakh”
  • Rinchen Wangchuk & Rodney Jackson: “A community-based approach to mitigating livestock-wildlife conflict in Ladakh”
  • Tashi Morup: “Kharnak nomads leave Changthang”

An Ethic for the Future?

  • Sonam Wangchok: “Buddhism and contemporary society in Ladakh”
  • Muhammad Omar Gutu Nadvi: “The Holy Quran and the teachings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and the Ladakhi language”
  • Robert Cook: “Psychology, Buddhism and sustainable development”