Ladakh: Culture, History, and Development between Himalaya and Karakoram

confproc07 Martijn van Beek, Kristoffer Brix Bertelsen and Poul Pedersen (eds.). 1999. Ladakh: Culture, History, and Development between Himalaya and Karakoram. Recent Research on Ladakh 8. Proceedings of the Eighth Colloquium of the International Association for Ladakh Studies held at Moesgård, Århus University, 5-8 June 1997. Århus University Press. ISBN 87 7288 791-5. 414 pp.


  • John Bray: “Henry Osmaston: The First Chapter”.
  • Monisha Ahmed: “The Salt Trade: Rupshu’s Annual Trek to Tso Kar”.
  • John Bray & Chris Butters: “An Eighteenth-Century Bhutanese Lama’s Journey to Ladakh”.
  • John Clarke: “The Tibetanisation of European Steel Stoves in Ladakh”.
  • David Sonam Dawa: “Whither Ladakh Education?”.
  • Mohammed Deen Darokhan: “Ecological Agriculture Development and Strategies for Sustainable Development in Ladakh”.
  • Pascale Dollfus: “Mountain Deities among the Nomadic Communities of Kharnak (eastern Ladakh)”.
  • Kaneez Fatima: “Women’s Development and Education in Kargil District”.
  • Anandamayee Ghosh: “Tibetan Literary Language and Ladakhi Speech: A Continuity”.
  • Nicola Grist: “Twin Peaks: The Two Shi’ite Factions of the Suru Valley”.
  • Kim Gutschow: “The smyung gnas Fast in Zangskar: How Liminality Depends on Structure”.
  • Katherine E. Hay: “Gender, Modernization, and Change in Ladakh”.
  • Reinhard Herdick: “Yangthang in West Ladakh: an Analysis of the Economic and Socio-cultural Structure of a Village and Its Relation with Its Monastery”.
  • Neil Howard: “Ancient Painted Pottery from Ladakh”.
  • Mohd. Jaffar Akhoon: “The Scope of Tourism in Kargil District”.
  • Michael Khoo & Tsering Norbu Martse: “The Wrath of Rahu: Remarks on the Observation of Solar and Lunar Eclipses in Ladakh”.
  • P.J. Marczell: “Csoma Körösi’s Guides in Tibetan Learning from Rdzong khul dgon-pa, Zangs dkar, with special reference to Tshul khrims rgya mthso”.
  • Nawang Tsering Shakspo: “The Foremost Teachers of the Kings of Ladakh”.
  • David Pinault: “Muslim-Buddhist Relations in a Ritual Context: An Analysis of the Muharram Procession in Leh Township, Ladakh”.
  • Mohd. Raza Abbasi: “Kargil: An Introduction to the District and the Youth Voluntary Forum”.
  • Janet Rizvi: “The Trade in Pashm and Its Impact on Ladakh’s History”.
  • Abdul Ghani Sheikh: “Economic Conditions in Ladakh during the Dogra Period”.
  • Martin Sökefeld: “Balawaristan and Other ImagiNations: a Nationalist Discourse in the Northern Areas of Pakistan”.
  • Sonam Dawa: “Economic Development of Ladakh: Need for a New Strategy”.
  • Phuntshog Achinapa: “Hanu Village: a Symbol of Resistance”.
  •  Spalzes Angmo: “Women’s Development in Ladakh”.
  • Bettina Zeisler: “Borrowed Language: Passive Assimilation or Active Integration of Modern Concept”.