Visible Heritage

confproc14 Rob Linrothe and Heinrich Pöll (eds.). 2016. Visible Heritage. Essays on the Art and Architecture of Greater Ladakh. New Delhi: Studio Orientalia. 272pp.
The volume contains 10 research papers mainly drown from the 16th IALS conference held in Heidelberg in April 2013. It is possible to order individual copies by sending an e-mail to Biblia Impex in New Delhi (


  • André Alexander: “Alchi Tsatsapuri: Notes on the History of an Early Monument”
  • Noor Jahan Chunka And Gerald Kozicz: “Lost and Gone Forever: Notes on the Demolition of the 23 Red Temple of Hunder”
  • Quentin Devers: “Fortifications of Ladakh: A Brief Chrono-Typology”
  • John Harrison: “The Munshi House in Leh: A Building History”
  • Neil Howard: “Castles and Defensive Architecture in Purig: An Introduction, Survey and Preliminary Analysis”
  • Gerald Kozicz: “The Old Stupa of Matho”
  • Diana Lange: “Visual Representation of Ladakh and Zangskar in the British Library’s Wise Collection”
  • Rob Linrothe: “Siddhas and Sociality: A Seventeenth-Century Lay Illustrated Buddhist Manuscript in Kumik Village, Zangskar (A Preliminary Report)”
  • Heinrich Pöll: “Trees-of-Life, Aquatic Creatures and Other Enigmatic Motifs on Ladakhi Wood Art: What They Tell Us About Art History”
  • Verena Ziegler: “The Life of Buddha Śākyamuni in the Byams pa lha khang of Basgo, Ladakh”