Osmaston, Henry, and Nawang Tsering, eds.1997. Recent Research on Ladakh 6. Proceedings of the Sixth International Colloquium on Ladakh. Leh, 16-20 August 1993. Bristol: University of Bristol. ISBN: 0 86292 431 6. 374 pages.

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Preface and introductory material
Information about contributors

Ravina Aggarwal - From Utopia to Heterotopia: towards an anthropology of Ladakh

John Bray - The Roman Catholic Mission in Ladakh, 1888-1898

John Crook - The Meditation Notebook of Tipun Padma Chogyal: an introduction

James Crowden - The Road to Padum: its Effect on Zangskar

Mohammed Deen Darokhan - Handicraft Development in Ladakh

Thierry Dodin - Negi Lama Tenzin Gyaltsen: a preliminary account of the life of a modern Buddhist saint

Paula Green - Buddhist Nuns in Ladakh

Kim Gutschow - 'Lords of the Fort', 'Lords of the Water' and 'No Lords at All': the politics of irrigation in three Tibetan societies

Jamyang Gyaltsan - The Introduction of Buddhism into Ladakh

Neil Howard - What Happened between 1450 and 1550 AD? and other questions from the history of Ladakh

Lozang Jamspal - The Five Royal Patrons and Three Maitreya Images in Basgo

Prem Singh Jina - Impact of Tourism on the Ecology of the Ladakh Himalayas

Peter J. Marczell - William Moorcroft's Commercial Pilgrimage to Manasa Sarowara in 1812

Gudrun Meier - Herrnhuter Beiträge zur Erforschung Ladakhs

Sonam Morup - Hydel Power Potential in Leh District

Jigmet Namgyal - Power development in Leh District

Helena Norberg-Hodge - The Social and Environmental Cost of the Global Economy: lessons from Ladakh

Tsering Norboo & Tsering Morup - Culture, Health and Illness in Ladakh

Fateh Chand Negi - Economic and Cultural Life of the Frontier Region of Himachal Pradesh

Sonam Phuntsog - Sacrificial offerings to Local Deities in Ladakh

Ali Mohd. Rather - Discrimination in ladakhi Society: a study of Mons and Bedas of Ladakh

Peter Schwieger - Ka'-thog-rig-'dzin Tshe-dbang-nor-bu's Diplomatic Mission to Ladakh in the 18th century

Abdul Ghani Sheikh - Some well-known Adventurers of Ladakh

Harjit Singh - Ecology and Development in High Altitude Ladakh: a conflicting paradigm

Smriti Srinivas - The Household, Integration and Exchange: Buddhists and Muslims in the Nubra Valley

Nawang Tsering - The Wheel of Life: the Cycle of Rebirth in Buddhism

Lobzang Tsewang - A Comparative Study of Salvation in Christianity and Buddhism

Stanzin Tondup - Health Activities in Leh District, Ladakh

In Ladakhi:
'jam dbyang rgyal mtshan - la dwags su sangs rgyas kyi bstan pa dar tshul (The spread of Buddhism in Ladakh)

blo bzang 'jam dpal - la dwags rgyal rim yon bdag rnam lnga ba mgo byams pa rnam gsum (The Five Royal Patrons and Three Maitreya Images in Basgo)

chi med rnam rgyal lte ba pa - la dwags kyi skad (Ladakhi Language)

dkon mchog nam rgyal - 'chams gyi nad don mo ra bsdus dkon mchog ram rgyal (The significance of chams performance)

bsod nams phun tshogs - la dwags su yul lhar dmar chod (Sacrificial offerings to Local Deities in Ladakh)

tshe dbang rig 'dzin - la dwags nang so nam pa'i las (Farming in Ladakh)