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Osmaston, Henry, and Philip Denwood, eds.1995. Recent Research on Ladakh 4 & 5. Proceedings of the Fourth and Fifth International Colloquia on Ladakh. Bristol 1989 & London 1992. London: SOAS Studies. ISBN 0 7286 0241 5. 429 pages.

Available from the Publications Department, SOAS. Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London WC1H 0XG, U.K. or your bookseller. Price UKP 20 including shipping (hardback only) Airmail UKP 4 extra. Residents in Asia should order from Motilal Banarsidass.
4th Colloquium (Bristol 1989)

Henry Osmaston- Introduction

John Clarke - Survey of Metalworking in Ladakh

John Crook - Ecology and Culture in the Adaptive Radiation of Tibetan Speaking Peoples in the Himalayas

Philip Denwood - William Moorcroft: an Assessment

Jamyang Gyaltsen - Monks of Mangtro Gompa

Kath Howard - Archaeological Notes on mChod-rten Types in Ladakh and Zanskar from the 11th - 15th Centuries

Neil Howard - The Fortified Places of Zanskar

Patrick Kaplanian - L'homme dans le monde surnaturel du Ladakh

David Mallon & Roger Prodon - Ecology and Conservation in Ladakh

Gudrun Meier - Sozialstrukturen in Hunza (Pakistan)

Henry Osmaston - Farming, Nutrition & Health in Ladakh, Tibet & Lowland China

Nigel Padfield - Child Health and Nutrition in some Ladakhi Villages

Abby Ripley - Food as Ritual

Robert Roaf - Ladakh in 1936

Nawang Tsering Shakspo - The Significance of Khusho in the Cultural History of Ladakh

Abdul Ghani Sheikh - A Brief History of Muslims in Ladakh

Harjit Singh - Ecological Set-up and Agrarian Structure of High Altitude Villages of Ladakh

Nawang Tsering - The Fate of Traditional Education in Ladakh

Rohit Vohra - Early History of Ladakh: Mythic Lore and Fabulation

Kulbhushan Warikoo - Gateway to Central Asia: the Transhimalayan Trade of Ladakh 1846-1947

Fifth Colloquium (London 1992)

Philip Denwood - Introduction

John Bray - Kasmir, Ladakh and Western Tibet: Episodes in Frontier Diplomacy during British Rule in India

James Crowden - Development and Change in Zangskar 1977-1989

Philip Denwood - The Tibetanisation of Ladakh: the Linguistic Evidence

Pascale Dollfus - Ethnohistoire des musulmans du Ladakh central

Nicky Grist - Moorcroft's Contribution to Ladakh Studies

Kim Gutschow - Kinship in Zangskar: Idiom and Practice

Neil Howard - Military Aspects of the Dogra Conquest of Ladakh 1834-1839

Bernard le Calloc'h - Historical Background of Csoma de Kôrös's sojourn in Ladakh 1834-1839

Peter Marczell - Boddhisattva Csoma de Kôrös: Myth or Reality?

Gudrun Meier - A.H. Francke - a "Brother in Spirit" to Alexander Csoma de Kôrös

Elizabeth Tóth - A Source Used by Alexander Csoma de Kôrös for his Tibetan Studies (Giorgi, Alphabetum Tibetanum)

Mark Trewin - The Politics of Ladakhi Song: Three versions of a praise song attributed to Morup Stanzin, c. 1825

Rohit Vohra - Arabic Inscriptions of the Late First Millennium A.D. from Tangtse in Ladakh 419