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Monisha Ahmed & John Bray, eds. Recent Research on Ladakh 2009. Kargil & Leh: International Association of Ladakh Studies. 183 pp. illus. A selection of papers from the 12th Colloquium of the International Association for Ladakh Studies held in Kargil.

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Asfyandyar Khan—The Origin of the Kesar Epic

Erberto Lo Bue—A 16th Century School of Ladakhi Painting

Sheikh Mohammad Jawad Zubdavi—History of Balti Settlements in the Indus Valley around Leh

Jigar Mohammed—The Mughals’ Relations with Ladakh during the 16th and 17thCenturies

Abdul Ghani Sheikh—Kargil from the Perspective of Historical Travellers and Government Officials

John Bray—Transport Begar on the Road from Ladakh to Kashmir in the 19th and 20th Centuries

Poul Pedersen & Neil Howard—Prince Peter’s Journey from Manali to Ladakh, 5th June–22nd August 1938

Sundar Paul & Tashi Ldawa Tshangspa—The Restoration of the Palace in Leh

Bettina Zeisler—Language Change and the Fossilisation of the Old Tibetan b- Prefix in Ladakhi and Balti

Nawang Tsering Shakspo—A Note on Yige, the Balti/Ladakhi Script

Ghulam Hassan Hasni—Common Proverbs in Baltistan and Ladakh

Syed Bahadur Ali Salik—Balti Folksongs Referring to Ladakh

Nasir Hussain Munshi—A Lost Legacy: Forms of Dance and Music in Baltistan

Gulzar Hussain Munshi—My Horses are My Pride

Radhika Gupta—Asad Ashura: an Indigenous Cultural Tradition

Mona Bhan—Military Masculinities

Monisha Ahmed—Why are the Rupshupa Leaving Changthang?

Tashi Morup—The Changthang: Eco-tourism is Not the Answer

Richard V. Lee—Hazards of Modernity in the Hanle Region

Blaise Humbert-Droz—Threats to Ladakh’s Biodiversity: Priorities for Action

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