D. Kantowski & R. Sander (eds.). 1983. Recent Research on Ladakh: history, culture, sociology, ecology. Weltforum Verlag, Munich. Proceedings of the first colloquium on Ladakh held in 1981 at Konstanz (Federal Republic of Germany).

This volume is out of print, however the full text from this volume is available for
download at our Resources area.

Tsering Mutup - Kesar Ling Norbu Dadul

Sjoerd-Jan de Vries - Notes on the History and Iconography of Bakula

Dieter Schuh - Zu den Hintergründeder Parteinahme Ladakh's für Bhutan im Krieg gegen Lhasa

Rohit Vohra - History of the Dards and the Concept of Minaro Traditions among the Buddhist Dards in Ladakh

John Bray - The Moravian Church in Ladakh: The First Forty years 1885-1925

Patrick Kaplanian - Quelques aspects du mythe et des structures mentales au Ladakh

Martin Brauen - The Cosmic Centre in the Ladakhi Marriage Ritual

Joss Bachhofer - Experiences in Hemis Gonpa

Anna Grimshaw - Celibacy, Religion and Economic Activity in a Monastic Community of Ladakh

Walter A. Frank - Protocol of a Spontaneous Para-normal Healing in Ladakh

Ferry Erdmann - Social Stratification in Ladakh: Upper Estates and Low-castes

Jean-Pierre Rigal - Chiling, un village du Ladakh. Contribution à l'anthropologie d'un village de culture tibétaine lamaiste

Reinhard Sander - Three Generations in the Wanla Valley

John H. Crook/T. Shakya - Six Families of Leh

Ria Reis - Reproduction or Retreat: The Position of Buddhist Women in Ladakh

Ulrich Gruber - Man and his Natural Environment in Ladakh

Wolfgang Friedl - Landwirtschaft, Viehzucht und Handwerk in Zangla

Peter Eppler - Impact of Tourism on Leh and Surroundings

Helena Norberg-Hodge/John Page - Unscientific Observations