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Mountains, Monasteries and Mosques. Recent Research on Ladakh and the Western Himalaya. Edited by John Bray & Elena De Rossi Filibeck. Supplement No. 2 to Rivista degli Studi Orientali 80 (New Series). Pisa & Rome: Sapienza, Università di Roma, Dipartimento di Studi Orientali. ISBN: 8862271883. ISBN-13: 9788862271882

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Historical encounters

Enzo Gualtiero Bargiacchi–Ippolito Desideri’s First Remarks on Ladakh.

Christian Jahoda—Spiti and Ladakh in the 17th-19th Centuries: Views from the Periphery.

Georgios T. Halkias—“Until the Feathers of the Winged Black Raven Turn White”: Sources for the Tibet-Bashahr Treaty of 1679.

Kurt Tropper— “A Thousand Ma
is in Immutable Stone”. A Donor Inscription at Nako Village (Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh).

John Bray & Tsering D. Gongkatsang—Three 19th Century Documents from Tibet and the lo phyag Mission from Leh to Lhasa.

Arik Moran—“A Project of Imperial Importance”: Palampur Fair and the Kangra Tea Industry, 1867-79.

Abdul Ghani Sheikh—The Traditions of Sufism in Ladakh.

Shahzad Bashir— N
ūrbakhshīs in the History of Kashmir, Ladakh, and Baltistan: A Critical View on Persian and Urdu Sources.

Cultural continuities and change

Pascale Dollfus – Who are ‘Those of the Black Castle’? Discussing the Past of a Nomadic Group Inhabiting the Southeastern Edge of Ladakh.

Elena De Rossi Filibeck— Wedding Songs from Wam le.

Erberto Lo Bue – Notes on Sky-burial in Indian, Chinese and Nepalese Tibet.

Poul Pedersen –Traditionalism and Cosmopolitanism in the Life of a Modern Ladakhi: Abdul Wahid Radhu and Marco Pallis.

Martin A. Mills—Charting the Shugden Interdiction in the Ladakh Himalaya.

Petra Maurer – Sa bdag and Tortoise. A Survey of the Tradition of Geomancy in Ladakh.

Sonam Wangchok – Sacred Landscapes in the Nubra valley.