D. Kantowski & R. Sander (eds.). 1983. Recent Research on Ladakh: History, Culture, Sociology, Ecology.
Weltforum Verlag, Munich. Proceedings of the First Colloquium on Ladakh held in 1981 at Konstanz (Federal Republic of Germany).
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Title, Contents, Preface
Tsering Mutup - Kesar Ling Norbu Dadul
Sjoerd-Jan de Vries - Notes on the History and Iconography of Bakula
Dieter Schuh - Zu den Hintergründeder Parteinahme Ladakh's für Bhutan im Krieg gegen Lhasa
Rohit Vohra - History of the Dards and the Concept of Minaro Traditions among the Buddhist Dards in Ladakh
John Bray - The Moravian Church in Ladakh: The First Forty years 1885-1925
Patrick Kaplanian - Quelques aspects du mythe et des structures mentales au Ladakh
Martin Brauen - The Cosmic Centre in the Ladakhi Marriage Ritual
Joss Bachhofer - Experiences in Hemis Gonpa
Anna Grimshaw - Celibacy, Religion and Economic Activity in a Monastic Community of Ladakh
Walter A. Frank - Protocol of a Spontaneous Para-normal Healing in Ladakh
Ferry Erdmann - Social Stratification in Ladakh: Upper Estates and Low-castes
Jean-Pierre Rigal - Chiling, un village du Ladakh. Contribution à l'anthropologie d'un village de culture tibétaine lamaiste
Reinhard Sander - Three Generations in the Wanla Valley
John H. Crook/T. Shakya - Six Families of Leh
Ria Reis - Reproduction or Retreat: The Position of Buddhist Women in Ladakh
Ulrich Gruber - Man and his Natural Environment in Ladakh
Wolfgang Friedl - Landwirtschaft, Viehzucht und Handwerk in Zangla
Peter Eppler - Impact of Tourism on Leh and Surroundings
Helena Norberg-Hodge/John Page - Unscientific Observations
Index and Contributors