IALS Conference Proceedings

Recent Research on Ladakh
Edited by Detlef Kantowsky and Reinhard Sander, 1983. (Proceedings of the First Colloquium on Ladakh)

Recent Research on Ladakh 2b. Third revised digital edition of RROL 2. Edited and published by Patrick Kaplanian.

Wissenschaftsgeschichte und gegenwärtige Forschungen in Nordwest-Indien Edited by Gudrun Meier and Lydia Icke-Schwalbe. Dresden: Museum für Völkerkunde, 1990.
(Proceedings of the Third Colloquium on Ladakh)

Recent Research on Ladakh 6 Edited by Henry Osmaston and Nawang Tsering, 1997. (Proceedings of the Sixth Colloquium on Ladakh)

IALS Workshop & Conference Resources

Zeisler, B. 2011 IALS Conference The transferred sacral geography of Mt Meru (Kailash). Powerpoint.

Rizvi, J. 2010.
Research Method and Presentation (pdf)

Zeisler, B. 2009 IALS Conference Deconstruction and reconstruction: foundations for the early history of Ladakh (and Baltistan).
Handout Powerpoint

Zeisler, B. 2005 IALS Conference
Skaddi gyurcanaŋ rdobai mentogtsogsla luskanni sŋonjug bai rdzessiskorla – Language change and the fossilization of the Old Tibetan b- prefix in Ladakhi and Balti.
first version.

Other resources/papers from IALS members

Bray, J. A History of the Moravian Church in India Originally published in: The Himalayan Mission Leh: Moravian Church, 1985.

Zeisler, B. 2012 The Nature of Eviden­tiality, Leiden. Evidentiality and inferentiality: Overlapping and contradictory functions of the so-called evidential markers in Ladakhi (West Tibetan). Detailed handout.

Zeisler, B.
East of the moon and west of the sun? Approaches to a land with many names, north of ancient India and south of Khotan. In: Roberto Vitali (ed.) The Earth Ox Papers. Proceedings of the International Seminar on Tibetan and Himalayan Studies, Held at the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives, September 2009 on the Occasion of the ‘Thankyou India’ Year. The Tibet Journal 34.3-4/35.1-2, Special Issue: 371-463.

Shea, S. 2015
Fading Songs of the Changpa Nomads. MA Dissertation, Naropa University, Boulder CO, USA.