IALS Conferences

The first international colloquium on Ladakh was organised at Konstanz (Germany) in 1981 and fourteen more have been held since then in various European countries and Ladakh: 1985 Pau (France), 1987 Herrnhut near Dresden (formerly German Democratic Republic), 1989 Bristol (UK), 1992 London (UK), 1993 Leh (Ladakh), 1995 Bonn (Germany), 1997 Århus (Denmark), 1999 Leh (Ladakh), 2001 Oxford (UK), 2003 Leh (Ladakh), 2005 Kargil (Ladakh), 2007 Rome (Italy), 2009 Leh (Ladakh), 2011 Leh (Ladakh), 2013 Heidelberg (Germany), 2015 Kargil (Ladakh). The proceedings of these have been published or are in press.